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Moderating Panel on Managing Offline Communities on August 2

I’m excited to announce that next Thursday, August 2, I will be moderating a panel discussion on “Community Managers who Manage Offline Communities” at WeWork in downtown San Francisco. I’m honored to be joined by three impressive community management professionals: Omnia Khamis, WeWork Civic Center Community Manager Ronnie Rodriguez,  Community Manager for the City and …

Mister Rogers as a Youth Development Professional

“We’d like to help children through some of the difficult modulations of life.” – Fred Rogers I finally got around to watching the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor“ a loving tribute to long-time television personality Fred Rogers, or “Mister Rogers” as he was universally known by children and adults for three decades. The film …

And we’re back!

So I am finally getting this website back up, after migrating over from my old provider a couple of weeks ago. It’s been a lot harder to figure out how to work with WordPress than I anticipated, but in general I’m pretty happy with how the new site looks and operates.