“Expedition Reef”: New Planetarium Show Highlights Our Precious Coral Reefs

  Expedition reef still

“Expedition Reef” is the latest planetarium show produced by the California Academy of Sciences, and my favorite so far!

“Expedition Reef” focuses on one of Earth’s most precious resources — the delicate chains of coral reefs found all around our planet. The show reveals in stunning detail what makes these ocean environments so special, what coral are, and what scientists are doing to try and preserve these eco-systems for future generations. 

As a Filipino-American, I was particularly pleased with the focus on the Philippines in the show – and the voiceover of Filipina singer Lea Salonga. My trip to the Philippines a couple years ago as part of the Verde Island Passage Expedition impressed upon me the vital importance of coral reefs for my countrymen and women. Several of the shots in the show brought me back to my experiences exploring Verde Island Passage with the rest of the scientists.

Rik with brittle star

Here’s some raw footage of one of the dives by our scientists. Breathtaking, right?

I’m blown away that the digital artists in our visualization studio were able to create a rich and scientifically accurate digital simulation of the experience of diving in a coral reef.

Check out this “making of” video that features our hard-working team who created this show. I’m so proud to work with these dedicated and talented creators.

“Expedition Reef” plays several times a day at the California Academy of Sciences.


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