Vote for this Sweet Video about Engineering by Cal Academy Intern Sophia


Sophia is a promising young person who I had the pleasure of working with last summer in our "Science in Action" science filmmaking program.  She had such a blast learning video production that she asked if there were opportunities for her to keep doing it at the Academy.  This resulted in our visualization studio taking on Sophia as their intern for nearly a year.

Sophia has been doing fantastic work as the Viz Studio intern, taking on responsibilities far beyond what you might expect from a high school senior.  

One of her early projects was a video about different kinds of engineers that she has entered into a scholarship contest at the National Academy of Engineering. Apparently it's doing really well, now in the Top 15 videos.  Give a watch, and if you like it, please "LIKE" it.  The winner of the contest is the one with the most "LIKE"s between July 1 and September 1.

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