JOB NOTICE: Education Specialist for Cal Academy’s Science Action Club


My youth programs team at California Academy of Sciences is hiring a specialist for our Science Action Club. It's a great program and my team is the best.

From the job description:

The Science Action Club (SAC) program engages middle school youth in hands-on science exploration through partnerships with local afterschool providers. Youth in SAC conduct outdoor nature investigations and participate in authentic citizen science projects. The growing SAC network extends throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has the capacity to serve more than 650 youth each year…  

…the SAC Education Specialist helps develop and expand the SAC program by designing innovative science curricula, maintaining effective communication with partners, and providing logistical support for the successful implementation of SAC events and initiatives. This position provides the opportunity to bring meaningful and relevant science into the afterschool arena, help provide professional development opportunities for afterschool staff, and engage youth with science. 

Head here for the complete job description and info on how to apply.

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