DSLR Photography Fun with the Cal Academy TechTeens!

Shooting is fun!

Our TechTeens have been learning how to use professional DSLR cameras as part of their experiences at the Cal Academy this month. Our goal was for them to feel comfortable using higher-end cameras both for projects they are working on at the Academy and any future photography they may want to do in their lives.  And I believe it's really empowering to learn some of the basic principles of digital photography, even if they all carry around fairly powerful cameras in their pockets at all times.

 This was also a great opportunity for our newest team member Jeff to work on his youth facilitation skills. He did a great job teaching a fairly complicated, technical subject.

The kids had a great time learning how and why to manipulate all of the controls of these cameras, including ISO, f-stop, white balance, and more. And they learned about photo composition, shooting techniques, and basic principles of photography.  It was a lot to take in.

Then we unleashed them on the floor of the Academy to practice their newfound knowledge on each other and our exhibits. They did a great job for a first photoshoot with professional-grade cameras! Check out some of their pics.

 Some of them got pretty artsy as they manipulated shutter speed and composition.


This picture taken with a very long exposure (30 seconds) I think is really beautiful and evocative.

(This depicts the catwalk on the 3rd floor of the Cal Academy.)

 All in all, a really fun, educational experience for everyone involved. And a very useful skill for anyone to have, whether they are shooting with a $2,000 Canon or the camera on their smartphone.

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