Goodbye, “Skulls”. Hello, Reindeer and Baby Penguins!

Working at a science museum, I'm in a space that is constantly changing. Exhibits are being phased out and in, new planetarium shows are being launched, living and dead specimens are being integrated into our collections and exhibits.  It's part of what makes it exciting to work here.

Yesterday was the last day of our "Skulls" exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. It's one of my favorite new exhibits since I started working here, since it integrates some of my favorite things : flesh-eating beetles, skeletons, and 3d imaging. 

I did one last walk through of "Skulls" along with thousands of other visitors this weekend. I'm lucky that I have other opportunities to see amazing specimens like this in our scientific collections. But for the general public, this might be the last time they see any collection of this nature again. 

On the other hand, we've got lots of new things on the horizon for the Academy that I'm super excited about. Our new baby penguins have been all over the news, of course. And our reindeer visitors Willow and Yukon have returned for another season. It's a special time at the Cal Academy. 

 Ah, the holidays…

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