My First Geocache Find!

Geocaching is one of those nerdy activities I have been hearing about for years, but never really tried. Last week, we were doing a staff retreat involving exploring a nearby neighborhood, which included a geocache component. I took that as my chance to finally give geocaching a go.

I did only a few of the easiest geocaches nearby the Cal Academy, riding around on my scooter and pulling out my phone to consult the Geocache app. It was a lot more fun than I expected, combining the thrill of searching for hidden treasure, the pleasure of exploring a location you've never been before, and the mental challenge of solving a puzzle.

Even the geocaches I didn't find were still fun, since I got to wander around and use my observation skills and do something a little clandestine and geeky. 

I can see how addicting geocaching can become for a certain kind of individual. 

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