Instagram Challenge Helps Teens Explore Black History in San Francisco

Insta Challenge Postcard

  • Before he was one of the best San Francisco Giants of all time, which Hall of Famer was one of the best players in the Negro League?
  • What waterfall in Soma is dedicated to a civil rights leader?
  • What church in SF is named after a jazz legend?

Think you know the answers? Here's an Instagram challenge inviting you to discover the history of African-Americans in our city.

Our friends at the San Francisco Public Library shared us on this cool teen-only Instagram challenge created for Black History Month. It looks like the goal of the challenge was to get Bay Area teens to explore San Francisco to uncover the stories of how African-Americans have contributed to the city over the decades. Sounds like a really worthwhile goal.

The challenge is done, but it's never too late to find out about the history and contributions of different cultures to your community. Find out more information on African-American history in the Bay Area at the San Francisco African American Historical & Cultural Society.

Insta Challenge Postcard2


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