Incredible Coral Reef and the Academy Aquarium

Clown fish

Working at the Cal Academy, I have spent a good amount of time in our aquarium, particularly our main setpiece, the giant Philippines coral tank. I must admit I have wondered if the sheer diversity and density of life in our tank actually represents what you would encounter here in the Philippines. 

Having done several dives now in the Verde Island Passage area, I can now testify that the actual coral reefs here in the Philippines ARE as colorful, diverse, and magnificent as our tank back at the Academy. The GoPro can not capture the brilliant colors, textures, and movement of all the marine life in even a small area of the reef here. But this video give you a flavor of what you would see.


I can’t even imagine the work that it took to recreate this awesome spectacle back in California at the Steinhart Aquarium. But I am even more grateful that I work at the Academy, where we can bring these truly breathtaking places and make them available for everyone to encounter up close. I have newfound respect for Bart Shepherd and the rest of the talented aquarium team at the Academy.

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