Listen to Ep 1 of “Object Oriented” Podcast feat Barry Joseph, Eve Gaus and Me!

AMNH virtual wonder cabinet

I'm excited to share the news that episode one of the podcast "Object Oriented" is now out! As a reminder, "Object Oriented" is a monthly audio podcast featuring my friends Barry Joseph, head of digital learning at the American Museum of Natural History, Eve Gaus of digital learning at the Field Museum in Chicago, and myself. Each episode, we talk about a different issue or challenge facing museums in the digital age, typically with some expert guest or commentary.

This month we tackle an issue near and dear to my heart: people using their smart phones and other digital devices while they are in the museum. How should we as museum professionals and educators think about all the Instagramming, Tweeting, Snapchatting and Vine-ing happening in our spaces? Are folks being distracted and tuned out, or are they learning and engaging with the museum in new ways?

Give our first podcast a listen and find out!

What did you think of our first effort? Feel free to leave feedback here or on Twitter to @RiktheRanger.

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