Khan Academy Videos on Biodiversity in Tagalog / Filipino!

Khan academy video screenshot

Back in May when I was on expedition in the Philippines, one of the most helpful resources we brought with us was a set of our biodiversity videos created for the Khan Academy translated into the local Filipino / Tagalog language. 

Most Filipinos have some facility with the English language, which is a part of the regular K-12 curriculum and spoken in regular everyday life. However English is spoken in a very specific dialect, so for many Filipinos it can be hard to understand speakers of North American vernacular English.

In light of this, we thought it would be important to bring some video resources translated into Filipino. Being able to read along in your native language, and listen in English, we hoped would be helpful for our audiences. From their rapt attention to our videos from the hundreds of adults and young people we reached, I think it was a wise use of our resources.

Here are the three videos we brought with us. You can click on the "CC" link to see the Filipino translations.




Watch and learn more on our Khan Academy biodiversity course.

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