Flipside Science: New Youth-powered Series on Environmental Issues & Solutions

Flipside Science
The California Academy of Sciences just launched Flipside Science, a youth-powered series designed for K-12 classrooms that inspires solutions-based thinking about the environment. I'm super proud of the work that our Academy youth Spurgeon, Ice, Darrah and Madeleine put into these videos, as well as our incredible visualization studio team that produced the videos. All of them are really fun, engaging and informative.
Check out the introductory video here for a taste of the series.
Please share with any educators looking for new ways to inspire your teens to learn about and protect the environment. Visit www.calacademy.org/educators/flipside-science to learn more and download free educator resources, and check out the YouTube series here.
I'm so excited to see how these great environmental resources get used by teachers and young people around the country. In the words of Madeleine, one of our Academy teen narrators:

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