LEGO Women in Science Set at the California Academy of Sciences

3 sets together

I finally got a much coveted "women in science" LEGO set, which took the internet by storm a couple of years ago! 

For those that don't know, LEGOS has a system called "LEGO Ideas" for people to propose to the toy company sets that they want produced. If at least 10,000 people vote for that design, LEGO considers producing a limited run of that set. 

One of the proposed sets in 2014 was a "women in science" set, featuring a female paleontologist, a chemist and an astronomer. It quickly got the required votes, got produced by LEGO, and then almost immediately sold out. <sad trombone>.

Well I have the set, which currently sells for $40 from resellers on Amazon. It's as awesome as it looks online if you are a LEGO nerd. Lots of great details on the equipment and minifigs, cute minifigs, and great build quality. 

Since I work at a science museum, I thought it would be fun to shoot the scientists in front of appropriate sections of the California Academy of Sciences. I think they turned out pretty great!

Here's the chemist in our teaching lab.

Chemist in teaching lab

And the astronomer in front of Morrison Planetarium (the largest, all-digital planetarium dome in the world!).

Astrophysicist at planetarium

And piece de resistance, the paleontologist in front of our iconic tyrannosaurus rex fossil at the entrance of the Academy.

Paleotologist w t rex

It looks like LEGO has gotten the message and is producing many more sets featuring women in STEM jobs. Good on you, LEGO!

Higher rez images available on Flickr.

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