Four “Generations” of Digital Learning Leaders from Global Kids!

I can't love enough this picture of several of the Global Kids program directors and staff from the Online Leadership Program all together for the first time. This is from the Digital Media and Learning conference at UC Irvine that took place October 5-7. 

GK leaders Barry, Rafi, Juan, Sara, Ariam, Jack and Rik

Pictured left to right: Sara Vogel, Ariam Mogos, Juan Rubio, Rik Panganiban, Barry Joseph, Rafi Santo and Jack Martin

Barry Joseph is at the top because he created the Online Leadership Program, bringing digital learning to Global Kids already powerful emphasis on youth leadership, civic engagement and world affairs. That the OLP program has continued to produce awesome youth leaders and powerful digital media is a testament to the vision he and the other GK leadership had so many years ago. 

I am proud to be among this long line of digital learning leadership, making my own small mark on this legacy. 

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