Let’s March for Science!

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This Saturday, April 22, is the March for Science, a nation-wide demonstration of support for science and evidence-based science decision-making in society. I am excited to participate along with many of my colleagues from the California Academy of Sciences in the San Francisco March for Science

This is such an important time to stand up for evidence-based decision making, the role of science in democracy, and scientific research on the most pressing challenges facing our world. It's frankly a little weird that it's come to this. That we have to march for facts, for rational inquiry, for peer-reviewed research. But such is our times.

Today we gathered at the museum to make signs for the march. Folks were so creative in coming up with cool ones!

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We stand copy-1200
We stand copy-1200
We stand copy-1200
We stand copy-1200
We stand copy-1200

I also got in the mail today some sweet swag that I'm excited to wear to the march, and beyond!

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I hope you will all join us on Saturday for a beautiful demonstration for the importance of science in our nation, and our planet. See here for information about a march for science happening near you. There are more than 500 marches planned!


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