One Year at Science Action Club!

Sac team in front of academy-1200

Today is the one year anniversary of my transition over to the Science Action Club as the Senior Instructional Design Lead. It honestly feels like six months that I've been in this new role, which I am still figuring out. Every day I'm learning something new, exploring new tools, unfamiliar science topics, and new approaches to pedagogy that blow me away.

I'm so lucky to get to work on this amazing effort to bring science-rich experiences to young people all over the country — 8,800 youth in 740 clubs at last count! And I get to work with an amazing team of educators and designers, with a supportive institution behind us. 

SAC Presidio_GirlsObservingBirds

We're powering through our next great product we are unveiling soon. Can't wait to launch it!

Rik and cesy with planes

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