Invest in the Nest: New Fundraiser Aims to Build 1,500 African Penguin Nests

Penguin couple

As you may know, the African penguin is in peril of extinction. Where once millions existed, now approximately only 25,000 remain in the world.  I was lucky enough to visit one of the few African penguin colonies in South Africa a couple of months ago. It was an amazing experience.


How can we help this species survive? A recently announced kickstarter is trying to help: by funding 1,500 artificial penguin nests to help this species reproduce and thrive. They hope to raise $150,000 to build and install penguin nests in the few remaining African penguin colonies in South Africa and Namibia. They are already quite a ways to their goal, but every little bit helps!

Head to the fundraising page to support this neat cause. 

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