Ice Skating at Work!

This Winter, the California Academy of Sciences holiday theme is "Life on Ice." We are featuring a new temporary exhibit in the piazza on how plants and animals have adapted to live in icy environments. Our adorable snowman planetarium dome will be showing a short show on the geometry of snowflakes. But the star of the season as far as I'm concerned is the holiday ice rink that sits in the east garden of the Academy!

We got a chance to try out the ice rink last week before it was open to the public. Getting to lace up my ice skates during the middle of the workweek and fly around an ice rink with my co-workers was such a treat. I got to bust out my own skates, which have been untouched for way too long. Apparently I haven't totally forgotten how to skate.

Rik and Dennis on ice

Here's a co-worker who clearly knows what he is doing!

Such a blast! I can tell the ice rink is going to be a fantastic addition to the museum this Winter. I hope we bring it back every year. 

Dennis  Cesy and Rik


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