Biographic and Newsela Partner to Share Beautiful Stories about Nature with Students

Biographic webpage

I love Biographic, an online magazine featuring science-rich, emotionally engaging, and beautifully designed stories about nature and positive steps people are taking to protect it. It's a great read if you are looking for a change from the grind of the daily news and doomsday news reporting from other sources. And the photos, videos and animations are just stunningly beautiful to behold.

One issue I have with Biographic though is the density of the storytelling. The articles are often too complex and in-depth for most youth and young adult readers. I have a hard time getting through some of the longer articles, honestly. I'm sure your average teenager would find it just as challenging. 

Luckily, Biographic has recently partnered with the educational republishing service Newsela to share more youth-appropriate versions of several Biographic stories on their site. It does require a free account to read, but otherwise is completely free. Check out all the cool stories here.

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