A Top-to-Bottom Rainforest Survey in Malaysia

Penang rainforest
Last week I went to a briefing on a recent Malaysian rainforest expedition that took place last fall in Penang, led by Dr. Meg Lowman. 
A huge undertaking, over 117 people participated in the expedition, including both CAS and Malaysian researchers and volunteers. It drew from expertise across IBSS, including arachnid, ant, bird, mosquito, fly, and fern scientists. 
Jumping spider
Alongside the scientific collecting and analyzing, CAS also organized lots of educational and community outreach. Students of all ages participated in volunteer efforts, including climbing high into the canopy. Over 1,400 species were recorded in iNaturalist during organized bioblitzes. 
Check out this beautiful video about the trip.

Now I need to figure out how I can get to Malaysia soon!
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