About KQED Teach, a Trove of Free Online Courses for Educators on Digital Media

I finished up my first week at KQED, as the new Online Learning Manager for KQED Teach. It’s been a really fantastic start. My team has been incredibly welcoming and helpful, getting me oriented to our work and processes, taking me out to lunches and coffees, and answering my many, many questions.

I spent my first week learning about KQED’s incredible educational resources they provide for educators and students, including KQED Teach. Here’s what KQED Teach is all about.

KQED Teach offers a collection of free professional learning opportunities for educators focused on digital media. Educators can build skills in digital storytelling, data visualization, and critical media use to support all curriculum areas. These skills allow teachers to facilitate learning environments where students create digital content, develop their communications and technology skills, and engage in deeper learning.

On KQED Teach you will find a host of free online courses for educators, including such awesome topics as:

…and more!

Educators can take standard courses at their own pace, or enroll in facilitated courses along with other educators for a set period of time from one to several weeks.

Here’s what some of our educators say about KQED Teach:

As the Online Learning Manager of KQED Teach, I am responsible for creating course content, providing support and instruction on digital media technologies to teachers, and contributing to the ongoing development of the KQED Teach learning platform. I’m excited to start working on my first courses this coming week!

Find out more about KQED’s many offerings for students and teachers on KQED.org.

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