My Tips on Bike Commuting on KQED Radio!

I knew that working at KQED would make me famous! Here’s where it starts.

On Tuesday, a story aired on KQED radio about tips for commuting to work by bicycle, in preparation for “Bike to Work Day” coming up soon. I was quoted a couple of times for my tips on riding a folding bike and staying comfortable in wet weather.

But biking in the rain is “not everyone’s cup of tea,” said Rik Panganiban, online learning manager for KQED Teach.

“If you’re really uncomfortable, if you’re really cold, if you’re really nervous, you’re not going to bike well. So I think having your body kitted out with the right gear and having a bike that you feel comfortable with in wet weather is super important,” he said.

…Panganiban swears by his folding bike. He can be anywhere within a few minutes, and can take the bike into a store, a restaurant or work (where he stores it under his desk).

“I used to live in New York City and I lost several bikes,” he said. “The safest way to keep your bike from being stolen is to never have it leave your side.”

Hear the whole story here!

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