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My Life as an Educator / Activist (so far!)

Today I was reflecting on all the different causes and issues I have devoted my career to over the past three decades or so. On the one hand, they seem pretty disparate and distinct. On the other hand, I can see the links that connect them to each other, and how one organically led to the next one in my professional life.

Here’s the rough order of issues that I’ve worked on, and the main organizations I worked for:

  • Hunger and homelessness (the Hunger Project, Habitat for Humanity)
  • Refugees (Las Americas Refugee Asylum Project)
  • Human rights and international law (World Federalist Movement, NGO Coalition for the International Criminal Court, European Commission)
  • The Digital Divide and digital citizenship (Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status at the United Nations)
  • Media research and media justice (Social Science Research Council)
  • Civic engagement and youth media (Global Kids)
  • Science education (California Academy of Sciences)
  • Media literacy (KQED)

It’s been a crazy and wonderful journey!

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