I’m (weirdly) happy to be back in the office

For the last three weeks, I have been working out of the KQED headquarters in the Mission District of San Francisco. Despite several COVID-19 protocols put in place, such as mask-wearing required indoors, it’s been a mostly pleasant, productive, and even enjoyable experience.

A lot of it has to do with how awesome our newly refurbished headquarters is. By chance, we had entered into a full renovation process a couple of years ago, which meant that when the office was reopened for staff in September we had entirely new spaces, equipment, furniture, and amenities.

Our new headquarters is frankly amazing.

What was once a fairly drab, utilitarian production facility now feels totally modern, airy, and new. Here’s me in the fancy new atrium.

And here’s my new desk setup.

There’s plenty of seating and spaces to work all over the building. I got a lot done yesterday sitting on this sofa near the education space.

But honestly the best part about being back in the office is seeing my awesome team, and other KQED staff, again. Here’s a pic from our first day back, enjoying homemade pastries on the roof deck.

And here’s my colleagues Angel, Myles and I playing around with the new photo booth.

Seriously, being able to connect face-to-face with these talented and smart folks has been just awesome, after more than a year of seeing them only in tiny Zoom boxes. Many of my colleagues I’d actually never met in person before the office reopened.

Of course, working from the office has its downsides. Having to commute again will take some getting to use! And wearing “business” attire like… shoes.

The office renovations are not really complete. So sometimes construction noises interrupt your work flow.

But overall, I’m happy to be back! That of course might change as the shininess of our space wears out, more folks show up, and the commute gets to be a drag. But that’s for the future. For now, it’s a nice change of pace and a boon to my work life.

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