Color of Life Exhibit opens June 12 at Cal Academy!


I’m jumping on a flight to LA for the Digital Media and Learning conference this weekend. But I am so so excited about our new “Color of Life” exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences. Opening June 12, “Color of Life” explores how living things use color to attract, hide, repel, and deceive.

I just got my first sneak preview of the exhibit along with some of our TechTeens, and we all so blown away.  There are 250+ collection specimens and models on display, as well as many living specimens, from birds to reptiles, frogs, insects and an amazing day octopus. The interactive displays are super fun, where you get to explore color in surprising and enlightening ways (see what I did there!).

I don’t want to give away all the goods before the exhibit opens. But I’m so proud of all the work that our hardworking exhibits team did on this latest exhibition, and couldn’t wait to share my excitement.

“Color of Life” opens at the California Academy of Sciences on Friday June 12. See our website for details. 

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