Listen to the Latest (and Last!) “Object Oriented” Podcast


Give a listen to the latest episode of "Object Oriented," the podcast on digital learning in collections-based museums, hosted by Eve Gaus of the Field Museum, Barry Joseph of the American Museum of Natural History and myself. In this show, we focus on what's new at our respective institutions, and man are we up to a lot!

So whether you are interested in augmented reality on the museum floor, telepresence robots or game jams for the environment, there's a lot to learn about on our show.

Sadly, this is the also the last episode of Object Oriented. You should listen to the show to find out why. We've had a great time putting together these episodes over the past year, and I'm always so happy to get to work with Eve and Barry. 

Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or on our Twitter feed if our show has meant something to you. We'd love that.



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