Nature Walking in Sweden

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For the past week and a half, I have been in lovely Herrang, Sweden for a dance camp. It's a really fun event in a beautiful locale, with a small lake, a tiny beach, and verdant countryside all around us.

Yesterday, I did a little nature walk and encountered lots of lovely flora and fauna. Here's some of what I saw.

There are tiny frogs everywhere, it seems.

Tiny frog (1) copy-1200

The roads at certain hours seem to have hundreds of them making their away across to the other side. Sadly, they are often squashed by walkers, bikers and drivers.

Beware frog crossing (2) copy-1200

The other afternoon, I saw a young woman wearing plastic gloves, gingerly lifting them one by one across one road. A sissyphean task for sure, but she seemed to enjoy it. "If not for these little guys, we'd have a lot more mosquitos here!" she explained.

The meadow behind the Folkets Hus (town hall) of Herrang has some special biodiversity, according to this sign.

Meadow sign (1) copy-1200

I walked around for a bit and spotted lots of lovely wildflowers and insects. 

Swedish wildflower copy-1200

Bee on purple flower (1) copy-1200
Bee on purple flower (1) copy-1200
Bee on purple flower (1) copy-1200
Bee on purple flower (1) copy-1200

Snake on the road copy-1200
Snake on the road copy-1200

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