Academy Teens Write Valentines to Our African Penguins

This has so many layers of adorable to it. For the past few years, we've been encouraging visitors to write valentines for our African Penguin colony that we have at the California Academy of Sciences.

This year, our TASC Force teen volunteers wrote their own, and they are just the best. Here's a sample of some of them:

  • Waddle I do without you?
  • You give me happy feet
  • You are the water beneath my wings
  • You've my #1 chick
  • My heart molted when I met you
  • I like long waddles on the beach

TASC valentines

Yesterday, the valentines were given out to our penguins, who use them to line their nest boxes. Lots of "awww"s yesterday in African Hall.

Valentines for penguins

You don't have wait for Valentines to get your penguin fix. We have a live Penguin Cam that you can check out anytime you need some penguin love.


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