California Academy of Sciences Youth Programs at ASTC 2017

ELYE team 2017

I already mentioned the sessions that I was a part of at ASTC 2017. I'm really excited to talk about my work and projects. But I'm even more excited by the many other sessions that my youth programs team at the California Academy of Sciences are going to be leading at ASTC. 

The Expanded Learning and Youth Engagement department is doing so much awesome stuff I often have a hard time keeping track. Here's what we are going to be talking about this weekend.

  • Using Games, Competitions, and Meaningful Play as Audience Engagement Tools
  • Build Your Dream Team
  • Broadening reach by empowering youth and their community – Reach 'em where they're at
  • Happy Donors and Less Stressed Staff: Effective Partnerships Between Development and Programs
  • How to Organize A Science Game Jam in 87 Easy-to-Follow Steps
  • Paving the Way to Diversity: Long-term impacts of STEM Youth Programming and YouthALIVE!
  • Beyond the Webinar: Best Practices for Educator Professional Development Using Online and Blended Learning
  • Career awareness and exploration in museum youth programs: meeting future needs now
  • Navigate the Galactic Zoo of Citizen Science Projects and Approaches
  • The Transgender Museum Experience: Creating a Safe Space for Everyone to Work, Learn, and Play
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Thriving in a Science Center Without a STEM Degree

Wow! So so proud.

For details on all these sessions, see the ASTC 2017 website.


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