Squishing an Eccentric Shaped Peg into a Round Hole

Thoughout most of my career, I’ve had the enormous benefit of having my jobs custom-made for me, based on my skills, interests and background. That was true at the Cal Academy, Global Kids, TechSoup, even at my first real job at the World Federalist Movement so many years ago. I’m so fortunate to have had supervisors who had the freedom and willingness to craft my position to fit me. 

I’m so aware that that is not the norm for most of humanity. You do whatever work that is available to you, that you are allowed to do in your society. Your interests, dreams, and happiness are just not a big part of the equation. As I go through a job search, that disparity between my experience and the general state of the world is front of mind. 

Given that I am very unlikely to have another situation where a job is created just for me at my next place of employment, I’m wrestling with what I’m willing to settle for. It’s a very new experience for me.

Basically I’m an eccentric-shaped peg trying to fit myself into round holes. I just need someone like this kid to bend the rules a little to get me into the box!

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