Clotheslines and Kitestrings (ice-breaker)

In this ice-breaker, the group has to pick between two contrasting objects, based on their initial gut feeling, and then explain their choice. It’s a fun and active way for people to get to know each other and say something unique about themselves to the group. And it helps people to find commonalities among other people that they might not have guessed.


  • To set up, have your group stand in between two points in the room.
  • Call out “Are you more [a] or [b]”, pointing to which side of the room is for which.
  • People quickly move to the side that most represents themselves.
  • Ask individuals to explain why they picked that choice.


Are you more [a] or [b]?

kite string ball of yarn
palm tree redwood tree
mural song
frisbee laptop
bumper cars carousel
unicorn sloth
orange juice milk


These are just suggestions. Come up with your own!

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