I Am an Oak Tree (ice-breaker)

I Am An Oak Tree is an ice-breaker adapted from an improv game. It’s designed to get people relating to each other, acting creatively, and creating mini-narratives. 


  • Youth stand in a circle.
  • Ask one person to stands in the middle and proclaim “I am an oak tree,” while making their body into a tree shape.
  • Second person in the sequence goes into the circle and proclaim “I am a [anything / anyone doing something]”. This should relate in some way to the tree. E.g. “I am a squirrel eating a nut on the tree.”
  • A third person does same action, relating their thing to the other two things. E.g. “I am a citizen scientist studying the tree and the squirrel to better understand the forest ecosystem.”
  • A fourth person tells two of the people in the circle to leave and then proclaims whatever they are.
  • The sequence continues around the circle.  Whenever there are three people in the circle, the fourth person kick two them out, and enters as a new thing / person.


I have found this game useful particularly for getting shyer youth out of their shells a bit. It has performative aspects to it, but the stakes are very low. Basically you just have to say what you are and make a shape that corresponds to it. It always results in funny juxtapositions and mini-narratives.

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