Vote for KQED’s SXSW EDU Sessions!

The South by Southwest Education Conference and Festival (or as it’s known SXSW EDU) is one of the premiere national events focused on innovation in learning. I’ve heard about this legendary gathering for years, but never had the opportunity to attend.

My team at KQED has put forward three killer sessions that we want to bring to SXSW EDU, but we need your help! Please click on the links and vote for our sessions between now and August 23, for us to get a chance to share our work.

Here’s our three proposed sessions:

Teacher Talk: Fostering Media Savvy Students

Young people face challenges in the digital world previously unheard of: misinformation, cyberbullying, personal data mining, and more. How can educators prepare them to be informed, engaged, media literate citizens? In this panel, hear from three educators who are having an impact on student’s digital lives. Explore how they prepare students to “read” (or analyze) media and “write” (or produce) media in their classrooms and resources that they used to develop media literacy teaching skills.

Press Play: Unlock Youth Voice with Podcasting

In a media landscape where multi-modal content reigns, students need to learn to use their voices to effectively share perspectives and engage in public discourse. This hands-on workshop provides educators with a framework to guide students in developing powerful communication skills. We’ll focus on presentation skills aligned with professional industry standards for media platforms by creating a short audio commentaries using effective presentation, recording and narration skills.

Media Literacy: Students as Thinkers and Makers

How can media making be a way to practice critical thinking? How do you create space for multiple points of view and civil discourse? It’s crucial for students to be critical consumers of media–to be able to tell factual information from disinformation.  In facilitated group discussions, meet others with similar interests in media literacy, identify best practices for integration of instructional standards into media products, instruction in media production and project implementation.

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