My Talk on “Designing PD that is Open to All Educators”

In November, my manager Randy Depew and I gave a lightning talk for the virtual Open Education Conference. Our topic was “KQED Media Academy: Designing Open PD that is Open to All Educators”.

It was a great opportunity for us to talk about how we have designed our KQED Media Academy courses to be as accessible and useful as possible for educators of all stripes, no matter their context, technology challenges, or student populations they were serving. We got to dig in to this idea “openness” not just from a technology standpoint, but also addressing questions educational inequalities facing teachers and students.

Here’s our full talk now available on YouTube.

Thanks to the Open Education Conference folks for giving us the opportunity to share our vision for how teacher professional development can be delivered in ways that meet the most clearly felt needs by teachers in this time.

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