2023 Highlights: Strategizing, Networking, Connecting with the Public… and Roller-skating

The year 2023 was a time of planning and exploration for my work at KQED, with lots of exciting connections and conversations started that hopefully will bear fruit in the coming year.

A highlight for me was getting to travel to Los Angeles to participate in the first Leadership Summit organized by the National Association for Media Literacy. With about 50 other media literacy leaders, I got to think big picture about our work, where it stands, where its going, and where we want to be in 50 years.

I co-led a number of teacher workshops that are always insightful, on topics like copyright, media analysis, and media making in the classroom. Seeing teachers work on improving their practice and encourage each other is the best.

One of the best days at KQED was KQED FEST in April, where we invited the general public to come to our headquarters, learn about what we do, tour our facilities, and enjoy music, food and art. I was one of the public greeters outside the building, handing out flyers and chatting with hundreds of folks, all the while wearing roller skates! I definitely got folks attention that way, and only fell once!

Another big highlight for me was organizing, hosting, and performing for the first KQED Staff Open Mic in October. Creating a welcoming and safe space for my work colleagues to bring their passions to work was so satisfying. And of course it was another excuse for me to skate at work!

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