Public Media Cake Week at KQED

Public Media Cake Day at KQED was glorious. So much amazing cake in celebration of all things public media.

Congrats to all the bakers that participated.

public media cake week bakers

More about Public Media Cake Week, from the Facebook group.

The THIRTEENTH Annual Public Media Cake Week is APRIL 15-19, 2024!

Public media folks bake it out in a loose competition to out-do each others’ creativity and blood sugar levels.

More cake = good thing.

Genteel trash talking encouraged.

A baker’s dozen years ago, the coincidence of several staff birthdays at Vermont Public Radio gave rise to the idea that a whole week of cake in April is a great thing. Ten years ago, Oregon Public Broadcasting caught word of this and turned it into a coast vs coast cake smackdown, in which VPR and OPB baked and decorated cakes that ridiculed each other’s state pride and audience numbers. (Things escalate quickly in Cake Week.) Eight years ago, Here & Now upped the game with several on air mentions about their cakes, delighting (and stunning!) the judges.

Over time, Cake Week hit a high water mark with dozens of stations and several hundred people baking and showing off their cakes, in a competition for bragging rights. The judging panel is secretive, morally dubious, leans toward humor over quality and is susceptible to bribes.

Show us what you got!

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