PlanetVision: Practical, Science-based Solutions to Save the Earth

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I'm excited to share the news of the launch of PlanetVision, a multi-pronged campaign to provide practical, science-based actions that individuals, communities, businesses and governments can take to heal our ailing planet. If you are wondering what are the most effective actions you can take that will make a difference in the health of the Earth and all the living things on it, PlanetVision is for you.

PlanetVision focuses on three main areas for action: Food, Water and Energy. In each of these areas, you'll learn why they are so critical for us to make changes in how we use those resources. And the site provides practical actions that everyone can take to be better stewards of those resources. For example:

And if you want to know more or have questions, there's a blog hosted by sustainability expert Emily Cassidy. You can drop her questions about making sustainable lifestyle choices to

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