“Habitat Earth” Planetarium Show Now FREE for Educators!

  HabitatEarth cover2

I'm excited to share the news that the Cal Academy's award-winning planetarium show "Habitat Earth" is now available free-of-charge for educators to use in their classrooms. This 25-minute planetarium dome show has been re-mastered as an HD video that can be downloaded and shown to students as part of their lessons on biodiversity, food systems, ecology, animal migration, and more.

To help the educator, we've also provided free lesson plans and data visualizations to help students get the most out of the show. Some of the offerings:

  • What does photosynthesis look like from space?
  • Why do birds migrate?
  • How many planes are in the sky?
  • How did human civilization spread throughout the planet?

Oh, and the planetarium show has really cute otters. Maybe I should have led with that.

Anyway, check out the videos and free educator resources on Calacademy.org!

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