bioGraphic online magazine inspires, awes and informs about our awesome planet!


I am thrilled to announce bioGraphic, a new multimedia magazine, powered by my museum the California Academy of Sciences, that features immersive stories from around the globe about all things that awe in nature, biological science, and the ingenuity of humankind.

Check out the newly launched site. The stories you’ll find on bioGraphic are meant to entertain, encourage conversations, shift perspectives, and inspire new ideas. More importantly, they will shed new light on our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges, and how to solve them.

This story about exploring the "twilight zone" of the oceans is the best article I've ever read about scientific diving. The layout, video, images, and 3d animation of the dive just blew me away. Takes me back to my time in the Philippines about a year ago this time!

And this piece about the mountain gorillas of Rwanda is so touching and moving. A great combination of powerful storytelling and professional photography.


Looking forward to new articles and features and so proud that this comes from my institution!

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