CEO of the California Academy of Sciences on Moving Forward during the Trump Presidency

Cal Academy Staff 2013

2013 photo of the staff at the California Academy of Sciences

Jon Foley, executive director of the California Academy of Sciences, sent this to all of us on the staff yesterday. I couldn't be more proud to work here.

Dear Academy Family,

I know that for many of us the last 24 hours have been disheartening.
Regardless of your partisan leanings, the results of the presidential election have raised serious concerns about the future of American science and education, and the fate of the global environment.  Moreover, during this ugly campaign, our nation’s fundamental commitment to diversity, equality, and human rights — values we hold dear at the Academy — have been rocked to their core.
It’s only natural to be worried, upset, and frustrated about this.  And it’s okay to feel that way.  
But know this:  the Academy is unwavering in our commitment to our core values.  Good science matters, and must stay independent.  High quality education is the key to our nation's future, and should be available to everyone.  Sustaining the natural world is a moral obligation of every generation, and essential for our long term survival.  And, most importantly, we are all part of the same human family.  All of us.  And when any of us is under attack, we must all stand up in response.  We all thrive only when we all thrive.
Also, please know that we are unwavering in our support of you.  Every single person here should feel safe, respected, supported, and treated with dignity and fairness. And don’t forget we are a team; we’ve always got your back.
And what an amazing team we are!  Together, we’re going to get off the mat, recharge our emotional and mental batteries, and redouble our efforts to make a positive difference in the world.  
Why?  Because it’s important.  What we do matters, now more than ever.
People around the Bay Area, across California, and indeed around the world, depend on us to be an independent voice for science, a source of education and enlightenment, and a leader in protecting the natural world.  People also look to us for moral leadership on issues of diversity, equity, and accessibility.  And I promise you this: We won't let them down.  
We will stand up — taller than ever — for education, for independent science, for nature, for people of all backgrounds, and for fundamental decency.
We will work harder than ever, because there has never been a more important time for us to do what we do.
So, please join me: Roll up your sleeves, be kind to the people around you, stand up for what’s right, work for the people and natural wonders that need our help, and make the world around us better. 
In the meantime, thank you for everything that you do — for the Academy, for each other, and for the world around us.  You inspire me every day.
Together, there’s nothing we can’t do.  
Best Wishes, Jon

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